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With its low weight, adjustable handle and integrated ignition, the Ripagreen ® is a handy weed scorcher that is ideally suited for scorching around and under obstacles and controlling weeds in public areas, on larger surfaces and in hard-to-reach places The Ripagreen ® comes  into its own particularly in places where there is an increased risk of fire .

A treatment with the Ripagreen ® kills many seeds lying on the ground, making an important contribution to lowering the vegetation pressure.

The thermal lance

Unique to the Ripagreen ® is the weed burning principle and the gas-to-air ratio. Combining a short, powerful flame with propelled air creates a constant flow of hot air that completely wilts the vegetation in heat. This hot air stream consists of 94% ambient air and only 6% fuel.

The rotatable burner head and adjustable pressure regulator ensure that the sear can easily be adjusted to the work situation and vegetation. When the pressure drops, the hose rupture valve stops the supply of gas. This way you can always work safely.

De verdraaibare branderkop en instelbare drukregelaar zorgen ervoor dat de schroeier eenvoudig af te stemmen is op de werksituatie
De Ripagreen® is ontwikkeld voor optimaal gebruiksgemak.

Ease of use

The Ripagreen ® has an integrated automatic ignition in the handle, which opens the gas bottle and operates the ignition in one smooth movement.

The second handle, which is adjustable in height, ensures comfortable operation of the sear. Optionally, depending on the model, the burner tube can be extended with a 300 mm attachment for optimal working comfort.


Gassoort Propaan, biopropaan en LPG
Gasvoorziening Dampafname gasfles
Vermogen 45 – 76 kW
Gasverbruik 2,9 – 5,9 kg/uur
Ontsteking Bougie vonkontsteking
Werkbreedte 250 – 300 mm
Afmetingen 1580 x 1350 mm
Gewicht 3,6 kg (exclusief gasvoorziening)
Capaciteit per uur 600 m2 bij 2 km/uur
Isolatie N.v.t.
Beveiliging Mechanische aan/uit bediening


Gas type Propane, biopropane and LPG
Gas supply Vapor collection gas bottle
Power 45 – 76 kW
Gas consumption 2,9 – 5,9 kg/h
Ignition Spark plug ignition
Working width 250 – 300 mm
Dimensions 1580 x 1350 mm
Weight 3,6 kg (excluding gas supply)
Capacity per hour 600 m2 at 2 km/h
Isolation N / A
Security Mechanical on/off control


The EASY Kit is a combination of the Ripagreen ® and an ergonomic trolley suitable for a gas bottle of 13 kg (bio) propane.

The Ripagreen ® can also be attached to the trolley. With a working width of 400 mm, a larger area is scorched so comfortably. The various options ensure optimal working comfort and adaptability regardless of the situation. (The EASY Kit model can also be combined with the MOBILITY Kit.)

De Ripagreen® EASY Kit en MOBILITY Kit.


The MOBILITY Kit is a combination of a short Ripagreen ® and an innovative ergonomic backpack. This backpack is suitable for all types of small size (bio) propane gas bottles of 5-6 kg.

The power of the lightweight Ripagreen ® is combined with a very mobile system, which means that work can be done quickly and safely.

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