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Potato Leaf Killing

The potato disease Phytophthora is a problem for all potato growers. Timely potato haulm killing is one of the solutions to combat Phytophthora, it stops the growth of the potato and corrodes the skin, making it less likely to be damaged. In addition, harvesting becomes easier because the stolons detach from the tuber and crop residues accumulate less during harvesting.

With our thermal solutions, which can also be used with mechanical haulm removers, potato haulm is killed. The heat from the burners kills the Phytophthora spores and aphids, reducing the pest pressure.

Burning leaves

Our full field burners, available in various working widths from 1500 to 9000 mm, are excellent for haulm burning. With good haulm killing, the leaves will die off immediately after burning and show a darker green discoloration.

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