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Weeds in public spaces are a major problem. Public support for the use of chemical pesticides is decreasing due to the negative side effects, which means that it has been strongly restricted.

With our thermal solutions in the field of burning, hot air and the hybrid form, weeds are well manageable.


The HOAF weed burners fight weeds by using flame contact, infrared radiant heat and warm air. By exposing the unwanted vegetation to this, the proteins coagulate and the moisture cells burst, causing the plant to wilt.

The weed burners are suitable for small-scale activities such as weed control along driveways and terraces, as well as large-scale weed control on large surfaces such as paths and sidewalks.

De HOAF ThermHIT® 100M
De HOAF WeedAir® 1002IB.

Hot air

The HOAF hot air scorchers fight weeds by means of forced hot air, without flame contact. The weed wilting principle is based on a powerful warm air stream that is evenly distributed under the insulated hood.

The hot air sears are suitable for both small and large-scale work. Hot air sears are particularly useful in places where there is an increased risk of fire.

Want to know more about weed control?

Do you have any questions or have you become enthusiastic and curious about what we can do for you? Please contact Menno, one of our account managers. He will help you further and look at the possibilities with you.


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