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Weed control

The use of chemical weed killers in public parks and in agriculture and horticulture has been strongly restricted or banned in recent years.

With our thermal solutions, weeds are controlled by means of heat. By briefly exposing the weed to heat, the proteins coagulate and the walls of the moisture cells burst, causing the leaves to wilt. The appropriate technique is selected depending on the situation. For example, we have technical solutions in the field of fires, hot air and in hybrid form.

Agriculture and horticulture

Whether it concerns weed control in a small or large greenhouse, in an open field or on seed beds and ridges, surfaces are quickly and economically burned clean and superficially disinfected with our products.

Public parks

With a wide range of options, we have a suitable product for every situation. For example, our products are used to manage weeds in small areas such as garden paths, driveways and terraces and large areas such as sidewalks, squares and other types of paved and unpaved surfaces.

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