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HOAF WeedAir® 50IB

With a working width of 500 mm, the HOAF WeedAir ® 50IB is a compact weed scorcher. Due to the low weight and the large wheels, paved or semi-paved surfaces in public areas and small surfaces are easy to work with. The sear comes into its own particularly in places where there is an increased risk of fire.

A treatment with the HOAF WeedAir ® 50IB kills many seeds lying on the ground, making an important contribution to lowering the vegetation pressure.

Heating principle

The weed wilting principle is based on a powerful warm air stream that is evenly distributed under the burner hood. The all-round closed hood ensures minimal heat loss, which significantly reduces the risk of fire damage to the surrounding area.

The stainless steel burner hood minimizes wind influences and is equipped with an insulation and infrared mesh package. The combination of hot air and infrared radiation ensures the highest possible efficiency.

De HOAF WeedAir® 50IB van Eijkelboom Apeldoorn.
De HOAF WeedAir® 50IB is goed uitgebalanceerd en achter de brander eenvoudig te bedienen.

Ease of use

The HOAF WeedAir ® 50IB is equipped with a handy handle that is adjustable in three heights. From the handle, the electric ignition button of the sear is within easy reach and the temperature on the display is easy to read.

Due to the placement of the glass bottle, the sear is well balanced and therefore easy to operate. The sear is light and manoeuvrable with a short turning circle.

For optimum ease of use, the sear can optionally be fitted with a steel nose wheel so that it remains at the correct height on paved surfaces.


Gassoort Propaan, biopropaan en LPG
Gasvoorziening Dampafname gasfles
Vermogen 15 kW
Gasverbruik 1,1 kg/uur
Ontsteking Bougie vonkontsteking
Werkbreedte 500 mm
Afmetingen 560 x 1560 x 1070 mm
Gewicht 35 kg (exclusief gasvoorziening)
Capaciteit per uur 750 m2 bij 2 km/uur
Isolatie 25 mm
Beveiliging Voorzien van slangbreukbeveiliging


Gas type Propane, biopropane and LPG
Gas supply Vapor collection gas bottle
Power 15 kW
Gas consumption 1,1 kg/h
Ignition Spark plug ignition
Working width 500 mm
Dimensions 560 x 1560 x 1070 mm
Weight 35 kg (excluding gas supply)
Capacity per hour 750 m 2 at 2 km/h
Insulation 25 mm
Security Equipped with hose break protection

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