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Process Heating & Road Construction

HOAF is not only active in the agricultural and public sector. With its many years of knowledge and experience in developing and producing heating solutions, HOAF also offers various process heating and road construction solutions.

Process Heating

An important application of the HOAF AMS systems is process heating. Examples of this are the drying and heating of asphalt, concrete, rollers or the drying of various organic and non-organic products. The advantages over electric radiant heating are the high power compared to the radiant surface and the possibility to use the device in mobile equipment.

De HOAF ThermHIT® 100M
De HOAF WeedAir® 1002IB.

Road construction

Over time, traffic and weather causes cracks and splits in asphalt roads. If these cracks are not repaired, the cracks often expand and further affect the road surface. The cracks and crevices can be repaired with a filler, provided they are properly cleaned and dried beforehand. The HOAF Hot Dog® is an extremely suitable mobile hand burner for this pre-processing.

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