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In addition to our product range in the field of chemical-free weed control, we also have a number of specials in our range. These products are specifically designed for a specific situation or for a specific purpose. One thing is for sure: They use our burner technology!

HOAF Taludburner

The HOAF Talud burner has been specially developed to combat weeds on a 30 km long dike along the IJsselmeer. Norwegian boulders and steep dike slopes form an extra difficult obstacle. Combining the existing HOAF burner technology with a folding HOAF Twin Sprite® creates a machine with a working width of 5000 mm. Due to its light weight, it can easily be connected to a boom, so that a depth of 13 meters can be treated.

De HOAF Taludbrander van de J. van Bodegom & Zn.
De HOAF WeedAir® 300 in gebruik.

HOAF WeedAir® 300

The HOAF WeedAir® 300 has been specially developed to combat weeds on the Maasboulevard in Rotterdam. With large areas such as ports with wide quays, a wide machine is necessary. By expanding the existing HOAF WeedAir® 150 with two HOAF WeedAir® 75 machines, a working width of 3000 mm is created. For example, an area of three meters can be treated in one pass.

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