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HOAF KB® 6.0 Twin

With a working width of 6000 mm, the HOAF KB ® 6.0 Twin is a universally usable burner for killing weeds and crop residues in agriculture and horticulture. The double row of burners, placed at an angle of 45 and 60 degrees, ensure that the weeds between the ridges are burned better and overall the driving speed is increased. This makes the burner very suitable for both bed and ridge cultivation.

A treatment with the HOAF KB ® 6.0 Twin kills many seeds, fungi, spores and bacteria lying on the ground, making an important contribution to lowering the disease pressure. The powerful flame in combination with infrared radiant heat and hot air ensure good wilting.

Venturi burner

The HOAF KB ® 6.0 Twin is equipped with the HOAF venturi burner technology, whereby the burners ensure an optimal gas-air mixture. The hydraulically driven fan ensures an extension of the flame length and a strong air turbulence. Due to the extended burner deck, the heat remains available for longer for optimum capacity. The weeds and crop residues remain in contact with the flame for longer, so that the heat penetrates deeper and a large capacity is obtained.

The high capacity of the fan is also used to create a wind screen between the burner and the vehicle. This minimizes wind influences, which ensures a stable flame at a higher driving speed.

Een behandeling met de HOAF KB® levert een belangrijke bijdrage aan het verlagen van de ziektedruk.
De HOAF KB® 6.0 & 6.75 Twin worden vanuit de cabine bestuurd met een touchscreen.

Digital control

The HOAF KB ® 6.0 Twin is controlled by means of a PLC. It is controlled from the cab with a touchscreen display. This shows information such as the gas pressure, the fan speed and the cooling down system. With a two-stage power regulator, the power can be adjusted to the vegetation. The hydraulically driven fan automatically adjusts the speed to the power to always guarantee optimum combustion.

The burner is fitted with a flame safety device. Should the flame go out in a situation, the fuel supply will stop and the burner will switch itself off. For transport, the HOAF KB ® 6.0 Twin can be folded up hydraulically and is therefore easy to transport and store.


Gassoort Vloeibaar propaan, biopropaan en LPG
Gasvoorziening Vloeistofafname gasfles / tank
Vermogen 3465 kW
Gasverbruik 231 kg/uur
Ontsteking Elektrisch
Werkbreedte 6000 mm
Afmetingen 6053 x 2262 x 1120 mm
Gewicht 1950 kg (exclusief gasvoorziening)
Capaciteit per uur 36000 m2 bij 6 km/uur
Luchtondersteuning Hydraulisch
Aanspanning Categorie 2
Kettingscherm Voor- en achterzijde
Isolatie 75 mm dik isolatie materiaal
Beveiliging Voorzien van ionisatie beveiliging
Koelscherm Voorzijde
Branderrijen 2 branderrijen


Gas type Liquid propane, biopropane and LPG
Gas supply Liquid collection gas bottle / tank
Power 3465 kW
Gas consumption 231 kg/h
Ignition Electric
Working width 6000 mm
Afmetingen 6053 x 2262 x 1120 mm
Weight 1950 kg (excluding gas supply)
Capacity per hour 36000 m 2 at 6 km/h
Air support Hydraulic
Tensioning Category 2
Chain guard Front-and backside
Insulation 75 mm thick insulation material
Security Equipped with ionization protection
Cooling screen Front
Burner rows 2 burner rows

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