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The HOAF AMS 7 is a compact high-temperature radiator that is used in both process heating and utility heating. The burner is completely made of stainless steel and equipped with a compact compressed mesh package. The HOAF AMS 7 high temperature radiator is characterized by a high power compared to the relatively small radiation surface.

An important application of the HOAF AMS 7 is process heating. Examples of this are the drying and heating of asphalt, concrete, rollers or the drying of various organic and non-organic products. The advantages over electric radiant heating are the high power compared to the radiant surface and the possibility to use the device in mobile equipment.

Radiant heating

Radiant heating is extremely suitable for heating large spaces such as factories, warehouses, shipyards, sports halls, churches and shopping centres. It is also possible to use radiant heating to heat a specific part of a room, for example a workplace. Radiant heating can also be used to limit relative humidity, for example in warehouses where corrosion-sensitive materials are stored.

Een behandeling met de HOAF KB® 1.5 Single levert een belangrijke bijdrage aan het verlagen van de ziektedruk.


Gas type Propane G31
Power 7 kW
Length Radiant surface 520 mm
Width radiant surface 150 mm
Weight 3 Kg
Gas connection 1/4″ male thread / 12 mm Ermeto

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